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Groovin’ in Gildan

When it comes to winter, a must have item is warm socks. Among those, you also want something that is comfortable and looks nice. Instead of paying for socks that fall apart, choose a company that makes good quality socks at affordable prices. Plus, you want to make sure that the company that you are supporting also supports the community.

Gildan meets all of those qualifications and many more. They make top quality, warm socks. Their socks can be plain or you can choose one of many pattern styles. Beyond that they are a company that cares.

Gildan has been helping the community through various outreach programs. Also, they are willing to immediately step up and fix issues that occur with products that people purchase from them. For example, if you find that your 10 pair of socks is missing a single sock, they will make sure that issue is taken care of. They will not make you have to take the product to a store or mail them the package back, they will fix it, because you as the customer have come to them to get it fixed.



A Round of Applause to the Hands of the Goddess

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When many people are complaining about who needs a handout, there is one special group offering those in need a hand up. The group was originally started in Pasco County, Florida. Well respected author of “Rupert’s Tales” and “Mi’s Search for Beauty“, Kyrja and her husband Randy, found a need in their local community to help out.

Hands of the Goddess offers a variety of services to those that are homeless or at-risk. They have monthly outreach programs where they offer food items that are either bought or donated locally. They offer toiletry items, clean socks, and a variety of other items. Some of the items that are issued during these event are shipped in from other states. They work with multiple agencies, individuals, and organizations to meet all needs of those that need a hand up.

Some of the things that they are known for doing is collecting shopping bags that would have otherwise been thrown away. They will then take those bags, cut them into strips and use the strips to crotchet mat that are not only able to soften sleeping areas, but also help to keep the user fry from the morning dew.

Hands of the Goddess may have started as a local group, but they have grown in number of supporters and branches. They are becoming a wildfire of care and compassion. Hands of the Goddess has already spread from Florida to Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana, and has a fifth branch in Bakersfield, California. For item donations, most go to the Florida branch then are further distributed from there to the other branches. However, you can choose to also locally donate, if you are in an area where one of the other branches are located.

If you would like to donate to help them with one of their many community projects, click here. To learn more about items that they need, please feel free to message Hands of the Goddess at handsofthegoddess@yahoo.com. You can also follow their efforts by checking out their Facebook page by clicking here.

In a world that has taken a turn for the dark side, it is good to see that there is a small group trying to relight the fires that burn in each of us. The fires, once lit, will burn brighter with each and every thing we do to continue to help our communities both locally and globally. While Hands of the Goddess- North Carolina has not officially been made known, it has slowly been building to become something great to help out the northern rural regions of NC.

Calling ALL Grammar Police

Yes, I am calling you out. If you are wanting to give a gift that will keep you from blowing your top with your friends. How about, a copy of “Perfect English Grammar” by Grant Barrett.

He offers a great idea of how to write the perfect paper. The thing is that they have to be willing to read it. The book offers information on proper spelling, abbreviation, and even the Oxford comma. Plus there are section on proper word usage  and parts of speech. This book offers a great learning tool to anyone that wants to do better with speaking or writing the English language.

The book even offers tips in how to write a better paper. One of the biggest tips offered is to use the same style or point of view throughout the entire paper. You do not want to start off writing the paper in third person and end writing it in first person. That will lose and confuse your audience.

One thing that I tell many people that ask me for writing advice is to not be overly critical. Everyone makes mistakes. Do not hold your mistakes against you. Learn from them and move on. If not, you will find yourself getting stuck in a rut. Sorry about the pics of me not coming out well. That is what happens when you are sick and are a writer.

Customer Service Means Nothing to Wells Fargo

If you are looking for a worthwhile banking establishment, keep on going. Wells Fargo does not have the ability to offer the kind of customer service that the rest of the world expects.

I am letting you all know that I do have a life outside the blog. I work in the industrial and manufacturing field. Problem is that I have grown accustomed to dealing with little quirks involving Wells Fargo, which is my bank and the bank that handles the company I work for.

My husband and I have joint checking and savings accounts there, or should I be saying had. Last Friday, my husband went to deposit my money into the account. The lady behind the counter decided to place a three day verification hold on the money. I called the corporate number. They told me to call the store. I called the store they said that it was over an hour and I am out of luck there is nothing that they can do. It took about an hour to get someone to answer the phone at the local branch, so I could not get hold of someone there any sooner.

Yes, they do offer online banking, which is a plus. However, you also pay monthly fees for your account. You deal with drama like them not telling you until after you make a deposit that they decided they wanted to place a hold on it, which then makes it impossible for you to take it back and go elsewhere to cash it. You will also find that when you try to get help from them about an issue that they caused, you will get the run around and will deal with being let down by the bank that you hoped you could trust.

Go with any bank, but this one. Wells Fargo used to be great. They used to be the best. However, anymore they have fallen back far behind the rest.


Light Up My Life With Flowers

When it comes to lights, you have to find the right ones for your wallet and your event or area that you need the lighting for. For example, even if you could find the most beautiful pattern of lights, you still have to know how much it is going to cost to run them, plus the purchase price. You also need to worry about finding one that goes with the theme of the area.

Recently, Review Mafia contacted me to offer me the chance to test the new Qedertek Fairy Blossom lights. The lights are listed as being warn white, however, to be honest, they are more of a warm yellow in color.

The flower pattern was a great addition to our lights in the garden. We use them for garden lighting, because who wants to pay to light up the night in their garden? Not I. I prefer allowing the sun to light it by day, and these beautiful lights to work at lighting the area at night.

If you do need more than the sun as a means to recharge the battery, you can set it under a regular light or in a lighted room to recharge it. Myself, I prefer letting the sun do the trick instead, because the sun is free.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.




Need to Know Norse Knowledge

Rayne is at it again. She  created another workbook that offered DBug a great way to learn about Norse Mythology.She wanted to find a fun way to teach children about Norse culture and mythology. Yggdrasil and the None Worlds workbook was the perfect way to do it.  Her favorite story out of the book is the Three Brothers. I love that it offers her worksheets. With doing K12 for DBug, she gets to read stuff her father and I choose for her as extra readings. This teaches her about many aspects outside of the regular school curriculum offered here in NC. It offers her a chance to learn more about our faiths in a safe environment that is free from persecution.

Whether you are interested in the Norse Mythology, or you follow the Norse culture, this is a must have to add to your learning collection. I love it. She loves it, and we both look forward to seeing what kind of new books Rayne or Kyrja, Dbug’s two favorite authors have got cooking up next. That is the smile I got the day I told her she got the chance to review one of Rayne Storm’s book.



Light Up my Life Little Dragonflies part 2

Okay, so you have seen the beautiful look of the multicolored string of dragonfly lights. Now is time for the result of the white dragonflies. I liked that these seemed to be more securely packaged. The power button on mine, however, was not wanting to stay put without a bit of added force. I suggest that if you have this problem, contact the seller immediately. The seller is one that I have tested other products for in the past. They are really good about taking care of issues that arise with any product that they sell.

The white dragonfly lights are calming and peaceful. You can choose for them to stay on or flicker at random. Remember that they are solar power only. So, you need to keep the solar panel where it can get light. Good news is that means no extra electricity used. These lights can be used to decorate any home or garden.

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Dragonflies Lighting Up My Life Part 1

After losing a dear friend to cancer, I have found solace in collecting dragonflies. I have car trinkets, statuettes, even lights. Yes, I said lights. Review Mafia recently contacted me offering the chance to test out three different varieties of dragonfly lights by Qedertek that I will make sure to individually test and post results to you. The first set is a beautiful multicolored set. The colors are yellow, red, green, and purple. You can choose various modes that control how fast the lights blink or if they stay on all the time. The solar powered lights will charge daily, then after the sun has completely gone out, they will turn themselves on. For the past three nights I have been using them, and they are currently staying on until about six in the morning. Once they go out, the sun comes up within a half hour to an hour after that.

The multicolor set offers a beautiful means of lighting that you can use inside or outside your home. My daughter loves them. If you plan on using them inside, make sure that you are able to set it up to the nearest window, as the solar power will need to have sunlight to recharge the lights.

I received these lights free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Keeping kids safe with Child Safety locks

Any non-parent would not truly understand the dilemma of kid proofing a home. Kids get into everything. There are, however, things that us parents can do to minimize the danger. First off, as a parent, we can invest time into getting good quality child safety locks, latches, and outlet covers.

When it comes to the child locks, one of the best I have found today are the Kool Koala  baby and child safety locks. They are easily removable, which is great, because as kids get older, they will not get into as much trouble. These can be used on ceramic, wood or even stucco. They are the best all around safety lock I have found. Some moms that I have told about them have went on to use the for toilets (yes, toilets are deadly to the lone toddler. So it is a good idea to secure the toilet lid.).

They come in white with a soft adhesive back. The best part is that with the 3M technology used, when you do remove them, there is no damage to you furniture, toilet, wall, doors, or drawers.


I am in the process of moving at the moment, and unfortunately have already transported these to the new home. So, in the next week couple weeks, I will add some pictures for you all to see.


Received the item free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.




Camping made Easy with Yuedge Tent Stakes

If you are like me, you have not ever had an easy time of getting a tent up and keeping it up. City girls are not camp ready girls. I am living proof of that. Recently, Touch of Class Reviews on Facebook offered me the chance to become an overnight camping guru. Okay, so it is only on the keeping the tent in place that I earned my guru status. Getting the tent up is a whole different story. We will save that story for a different day though.

The item that I got to review for Touch of Class was the Yuedge tent stakes. They worked great from the first use through the tenth. My daughter’s tent stays put, even in stronger winds. These stakes can survive a 9 year old camper and her friends, so they are sure to survive a peaceful camping trip for you.

One thing that I liked about these is that they come in the more eye appealing outer bag with a second waterproof bag.  My daughter has decided that when we go camping the outer bag becomes her leaf collection bag. So, we have a great multipurpose set. If you are not fond of the gold, do not worry. They also carry the stakes in a real pretty metallic blue.

I received these free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.