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Groovin’ in Gildan

When it comes to winter, a must have item is warm socks. Among those, you also want something that is comfortable and looks nice. Instead of paying for socks that fall apart, choose a company that makes good quality socks at affordable prices. Plus, you want to make sure that the company that you are supporting also supports the community.

Gildan meets all of those qualifications and many more. They make top quality, warm socks. Their socks can be plain or you can choose one of many pattern styles. Beyond that they are a company that cares.

Gildan has been helping the community through various outreach programs. Also, they are willing to immediately step up and fix issues that occur with products that people purchase from them. For example, if you find that your 10 pair of socks is missing a single sock, they will make sure that issue is taken care of. They will not make you have to take the product to a store or mail them the package back, they will fix it, because you as the customer have come to them to get it fixed.



Light Up my Life Little Dragonflies part 2

Okay, so you have seen the beautiful look of the multicolored string of dragonfly lights. Now is time for the result of the white dragonflies. I liked that these seemed to be more securely packaged. The power button on mine, however, was not wanting to stay put without a bit of added force. I suggest that if you have this problem, contact the seller immediately. The seller is one that I have tested other products for in the past. They are really good about taking care of issues that arise with any product that they sell.

The white dragonfly lights are calming and peaceful. You can choose for them to stay on or flicker at random. Remember that they are solar power only. So, you need to keep the solar panel where it can get light. Good news is that means no extra electricity used. These lights can be used to decorate any home or garden.

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Dragonflies Lighting Up My Life Part 1

After losing a dear friend to cancer, I have found solace in collecting dragonflies. I have car trinkets, statuettes, even lights. Yes, I said lights. Review Mafia recently contacted me offering the chance to test out three different varieties of dragonfly lights by Qedertek that I will make sure to individually test and post results to you. The first set is a beautiful multicolored set. The colors are yellow, red, green, and purple. You can choose various modes that control how fast the lights blink or if they stay on all the time. The solar powered lights will charge daily, then after the sun has completely gone out, they will turn themselves on. For the past three nights I have been using them, and they are currently staying on until about six in the morning. Once they go out, the sun comes up within a half hour to an hour after that.

The multicolor set offers a beautiful means of lighting that you can use inside or outside your home. My daughter loves them. If you plan on using them inside, make sure that you are able to set it up to the nearest window, as the solar power will need to have sunlight to recharge the lights.

I received these lights free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Keeping kids safe with Child Safety locks

Any non-parent would not truly understand the dilemma of kid proofing a home. Kids get into everything. There are, however, things that us parents can do to minimize the danger. First off, as a parent, we can invest time into getting good quality child safety locks, latches, and outlet covers.

When it comes to the child locks, one of the best I have found today are the Kool Koala  baby and child safety locks. They are easily removable, which is great, because as kids get older, they will not get into as much trouble. These can be used on ceramic, wood or even stucco. They are the best all around safety lock I have found. Some moms that I have told about them have went on to use the for toilets (yes, toilets are deadly to the lone toddler. So it is a good idea to secure the toilet lid.).

They come in white with a soft adhesive back. The best part is that with the 3M technology used, when you do remove them, there is no damage to you furniture, toilet, wall, doors, or drawers.


I am in the process of moving at the moment, and unfortunately have already transported these to the new home. So, in the next week couple weeks, I will add some pictures for you all to see.


Received the item free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.




Camping made Easy with Yuedge Tent Stakes

If you are like me, you have not ever had an easy time of getting a tent up and keeping it up. City girls are not camp ready girls. I am living proof of that. Recently, Touch of Class Reviews on Facebook offered me the chance to become an overnight camping guru. Okay, so it is only on the keeping the tent in place that I earned my guru status. Getting the tent up is a whole different story. We will save that story for a different day though.

The item that I got to review for Touch of Class was the Yuedge tent stakes. They worked great from the first use through the tenth. My daughter’s tent stays put, even in stronger winds. These stakes can survive a 9 year old camper and her friends, so they are sure to survive a peaceful camping trip for you.

One thing that I liked about these is that they come in the more eye appealing outer bag with a second waterproof bag.  My daughter has decided that when we go camping the outer bag becomes her leaf collection bag. So, we have a great multipurpose set. If you are not fond of the gold, do not worry. They also carry the stakes in a real pretty metallic blue.

I received these free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.




Puptastic Pet or Stuffy Hats

PUPTeck has designed adorable party hats for pets. While I could not con my cats into using them, my daughter’s stuffies were ecstatic and more than happy to help try these out.

The hats are adorable, but they are honestly not the most long lasting. They are made from cardboard with a beautiful trim. If you are planning on using them for your pet, they will work great for the first occasion that you want them for. However, they will need to be repurchased, if you plan to repeatedly use them.

My daughter loved that her stuffies got to be my test subjects. She saw the hats and begged me to let Sleepy Bear and Hedwig each have one. Now, if only Hogwarts would send her letter. Then my wizarding little princess and her princess stuffies would all get to go together.

I received this item free in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



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Light up your HP with Lenoge Power Adaptors

I have found that the one issue that keeps occurring with all of my HP laptops is that the power supplies are lucky to last one year after purchasing the computer. I have tried various power supplies. However, most of them do not offer the same level of power that I am used to with the HP name. Until now, I was told that Lenoge offers more power and charge than other brands, but it is able to last a lot longer than the HP brand is. The Lenoge power adapter is definitely one of the best I have found so far.

While it is made for the HP series laptops that have the smaller AC adapter plug ins, it is able to completely charge my husband’s battery in about 1 hour. His HP plug was the only one that would charge that quick, prior to using Lenoge. However, the transformer section of the cord died about a week prior to getting this one to test. How long will this one last? I will let you know when I update it, hopefully a long time from now.

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I received this item free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Keep Your Cards Safe with Safe Card Wallets

I recently got the chance to test out the Safe Card wallet. The wallet is built to protect your cards from RFID card readers. In today’s world, RFID protective wallets are sadly a must. There are too many dishonest people. So, the first thing that you need to do is find the right one for your needs. My husband has one that is genuine Italian leather, with the RFID protection. Myself, I have been a fan of the Aluma Wallet, but sadly they have been too small in size to meet my needs.

That is why Safe Card offers their own aluminum wallet with the RFID protection, but it offers one that can actually fit your cards, including your license and social security. This is a great way to be able to carry your necessities, while ensuring that you are able to remain safe from identity thieves. The style of the wallet is solid color with a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Received the product from the Facebook group NeonLights Reviews. They offered the product in exchange for honest and unbiased opinions.

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I received the product free in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion.

Nursing or Not This Bra Is the Best

I got the chance to try out the nursing bra from Mamaway. The bra offered comfort and durability. I loved the feel and the fit. The detachable breast section of the bra make breastfeeding a breeze.

The nude color is nice and makes it easy to not have to worry about what color clothing you are wearing over it, or how see through the outfit is. It fit is great. I would suggest, however, to get a size larger than you normally wear, if you are pregnant or nursing. In my case, I lost my pregnancy, and still choose to wear the bra, because it was such a great fit. The comfort and fit of the bra is amazing. I will definitely be buying more bras from Mamaway in the future.

I received this product free in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion.

Heating up the Night with the BBQ Sniper

My husband, better known as Review Lew, has been at it again. He recently got a chance to try the new BBQ Sniper meat thermometer. He is a grill/smoke master. He creates delicious works of art when he lights the grill or smoker.

In today’s world, we have to be very careful of how hot our meat gets. Not hot enough and your health becomes a severe risk factor. Too hot, and you ruined your own appetite. That is why for his birthday, I got the chance to test the BBQ sniper.

His birthday dinner was a steak and some hot dogs on the grill. We first tested with a known good thermometer, then we went back and tested with the BBQ Sniper. They came back with the exact same temperature. I like that it comes in a nice box that is very manly, yet professional looking. It is made for the grill guy that wants to look good and cook good too.

Received Item Free In Exchange For A Honest and Unbiased Review.