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Light Up My Life With Flowers

When it comes to lights, you have to find the right ones for your wallet and your event or area that you need the lighting for. For example, even if you could find the most beautiful pattern of lights, you still have to know how much it is going to cost to run them, plus the purchase price. You also need to worry about finding one that goes with the theme of the area.

Recently, Review Mafia contacted me to offer me the chance to test the new Qedertek Fairy Blossom lights. The lights are listed as being warn white, however, to be honest, they are more of a warm yellow in color.

The flower pattern was a great addition to our lights in the garden. We use them for garden lighting, because who wants to pay to light up the night in their garden? Not I. I prefer allowing the sun to light it by day, and these beautiful lights to work at lighting the area at night.

If you do need more than the sun as a means to recharge the battery, you can set it under a regular light or in a lighted room to recharge it. Myself, I prefer letting the sun do the trick instead, because the sun is free.

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Light Up my Life Little Dragonflies part 2

Okay, so you have seen the beautiful look of the multicolored string of dragonfly lights. Now is time for the result of the white dragonflies. I liked that these seemed to be more securely packaged. The power button on mine, however, was not wanting to stay put without a bit of added force. I suggest that if you have this problem, contact the seller immediately. The seller is one that I have tested other products for in the past. They are really good about taking care of issues that arise with any product that they sell.

The white dragonfly lights are calming and peaceful. You can choose for them to stay on or flicker at random. Remember that they are solar power only. So, you need to keep the solar panel where it can get light. Good news is that means no extra electricity used. These lights can be used to decorate any home or garden.

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Dragonflies Lighting Up My Life Part 1

After losing a dear friend to cancer, I have found solace in collecting dragonflies. I have car trinkets, statuettes, even lights. Yes, I said lights. Review Mafia recently contacted me offering the chance to test out three different varieties of dragonfly lights by Qedertek that I will make sure to individually test and post results to you. The first set is a beautiful multicolored set. The colors are yellow, red, green, and purple. You can choose various modes that control how fast the lights blink or if they stay on all the time. The solar powered lights will charge daily, then after the sun has completely gone out, they will turn themselves on. For the past three nights I have been using them, and they are currently staying on until about six in the morning. Once they go out, the sun comes up within a half hour to an hour after that.

The multicolor set offers a beautiful means of lighting that you can use inside or outside your home. My daughter loves them. If you plan on using them inside, make sure that you are able to set it up to the nearest window, as the solar power will need to have sunlight to recharge the lights.

I received these lights free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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