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A Round of Applause to the Hands of the Goddess

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When many people are complaining about who needs a handout, there is one special group offering those in need a hand up. The group was originally started in Pasco County, Florida. Well respected author of “Rupert’s Tales” and “Mi’s Search for Beauty“, Kyrja and her husband Randy, found a need in their local community to help out.

Hands of the Goddess offers a variety of services to those that are homeless or at-risk. They have monthly outreach programs where they offer food items that are either bought or donated locally. They offer toiletry items, clean socks, and a variety of other items. Some of the items that are issued during these event are shipped in from other states. They work with multiple agencies, individuals, and organizations to meet all needs of those that need a hand up.

Some of the things that they are known for doing is collecting shopping bags that would have otherwise been thrown away. They will then take those bags, cut them into strips and use the strips to crotchet mat that are not only able to soften sleeping areas, but also help to keep the user fry from the morning dew.

Hands of the Goddess may have started as a local group, but they have grown in number of supporters and branches. They are becoming a wildfire of care and compassion. Hands of the Goddess has already spread from Florida to Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana, and has a fifth branch in Bakersfield, California. For item donations, most go to the Florida branch then are further distributed from there to the other branches. However, you can choose to also locally donate, if you are in an area where one of the other branches are located.

If you would like to donate to help them with one of their many community projects, click here. To learn more about items that they need, please feel free to message Hands of the Goddess at handsofthegoddess@yahoo.com. You can also follow their efforts by checking out their Facebook page by clicking here.

In a world that has taken a turn for the dark side, it is good to see that there is a small group trying to relight the fires that burn in each of us. The fires, once lit, will burn brighter with each and every thing we do to continue to help our communities both locally and globally. While Hands of the Goddess- North Carolina has not officially been made known, it has slowly been building to become something great to help out the northern rural regions of NC.


Raving over Rupert’s Tales: Learning Magick

I have found over the years that there are good ways and bad ways to introduce children to various different faiths. When I wanted to introduce my daughter, Destiny, to the Wiccan and Pagan based faiths, I found that there were not many good books that would offer lessons and also be a story that she would enjoy. That was when we discovered Rupert’s Tales: The Wheel of the Year. From there, every time there has been a new Rupert’s Tales book, Destiny has demanded to read it. She has told me how much she loves Rupert and Kyrja.

Learning Magick was another best hit, in Destiny’s opinion. She loves the stories, and I love that many of the stories teach about understanding and being willing to be open to the beliefs of others. Just because someone has a different belief or opinion does not mean that opinion is wrong. What is wrong is not willing to be accepting of differences. Even if you are not of the Wiccan or Pagan faiths, this is a great tool to teach children acceptance, love, and understanding.

In our home, we have always been Friends of Rupert. Feel free to check out the Friends of Rupert Facebook Page, and tell Kyrja that Theresa and Destiny sent you. Here are just a few of the pictures of Destiny showing off her new book. She loves the stories by Kyrja, and she enjoys seeing all of the new pictures that are masterfully drawn by Tonia Bennington Osborn.

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