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Let Out Your Inner Grill Beast

When it comes to outdoor cooking, Review Lew loves it all. He was asked by Grill Beast to try out their products. We purchased most of them, but we had received the Beastometer and the Beastclaws. Here is a rundown on Review Lew’s opinions of the Grill Beast products.

BeastClaws: The BeastClaws offer a chance to make pulled pork or pulled chicken without having to use a knife and risk cutting yourself. They also double as a great back scratcher, if you have an itchy back and no one is around to help you with that. This item was received free in exchange for an unbiased and honest opinion.

Beast Injector: Review Lew uses the Beast Injector every time we use the smoker. He has found that by adding the butter sauce or other homemade marinades with it, meat comes out more tender and delicious with every bite. He also likes the fact that they are more durable, because of their sturdy, stainless steel design.

Beast Armor: When you are working with a hot grill, you want to make sure that you are going to be able to keep your hands from being burned by the hot grill or the hot food that is on the grill. Review Lew suggests any of the beast glove lines. The set he has covers heat up to over 662 degrees Fahrenheit. Now unless you are planning on cooking with a torch, I highly doubt that you are going to have a grill get that hot.  So, Review Lew says that these are an amazing set. He has had set number one for a very long time, and we just recently got set number 2 as a result of an issue that occurred with finger seams coming apart. We let Grill Beast support know, and they were on top of the issue immediately. We have him a perfect set now. He loves using them.

Beastometer. Now, when you are cooking the meat, you want to make sure that you get the meat cooked to healthy temperatures. Therefore, you are going to want  a good working and long lasting meat thermometer. In the case of Grill Beast, they have you covered there too. They have their Beastometer available. Review Lew says that you want to make sure that you get a new battery after the first year. He has used it for no less than two meals a day for about a year now. It finally just this afternoon had the battery on it die. We are currently in the process of getting a new battery for it. This item was received free in exchange for an unbiased and honest opinion.

Grill Beast Hat: What Grill Beast would want to be cooking without a way to keep the sun out of their eyes? If you thought that the sun being kept out of the eyes is a mandatory rule for Grill Beasts, you are right. Especially in the case of Review Lew. He hates the sun, but it is a necessary evil. He loves to play with his grill daily. Tonight, he made a succulent pork roast with covered hash browns, and all this deliciousness was cooked on his grill. The pork roast was served shredded with a garlic infusion. The potatoes were perfection. He was able to see what he was doing, because he had his Grill Beast hat to keep his hair and the sun from getting in his line of sight. This item was won as a part of a giveaway that the VIP program was offering.

Grill Beast offers customers a chance to become a part of their VIP program. This allows them to get the chance to have first access to new grill tools, supplies, and even the chance to get rebates that now other customers will get. They also have a Facebook group for the VIP members to communicate and share great tips and recipes with each other.


Here is to a long happy relationship between the Grill Beast company and my personal Grill Beast, Review Lew.


Puptastic Pet or Stuffy Hats

PUPTeck has designed adorable party hats for pets. While I could not con my cats into using them, my daughter’s stuffies were ecstatic and more than happy to help try these out.

The hats are adorable, but they are honestly not the most long lasting. They are made from cardboard with a beautiful trim. If you are planning on using them for your pet, they will work great for the first occasion that you want them for. However, they will need to be repurchased, if you plan to repeatedly use them.

My daughter loved that her stuffies got to be my test subjects. She saw the hats and begged me to let Sleepy Bear and Hedwig each have one. Now, if only Hogwarts would send her letter. Then my wizarding little princess and her princess stuffies would all get to go together.

I received this item free in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



#Touch of Class


Beware the One Horned Viking



Once upon a time there was a one horned viking. Okay, maybe not. However, when I got this little beauty from Kangaroo, it was missing a horn. I tried to get the replacement, but the seller, nor Amazon were willing to fix the issue. Since it was due to a packaging an shipment error, fault of the issue was Amazon. Now, I will admit there are many products since that I have tested that came from Kangaroo, and many of them were wonderful. This was about the only product that I was very dissatisfied with. It created a very sad viking husband.

He says he feels like a demoted viking, because they took his horn away.


Received item free in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.