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Calling ALL Grammar Police

Yes, I am calling you out. If you are wanting to give a gift that will keep you from blowing your top with your friends. How about, a copy of “Perfect English Grammar” by Grant Barrett.

He offers a great idea of how to write the perfect paper. The thing is that they have to be willing to read it. The book offers information on proper spelling, abbreviation, and even the Oxford comma. Plus there are section on proper word usage  and parts of speech. This book offers a great learning tool to anyone that wants to do better with speaking or writing the English language.

The book even offers tips in how to write a better paper. One of the biggest tips offered is to use the same style or point of view throughout the entire paper. You do not want to start off writing the paper in third person and end writing it in first person. That will lose and confuse your audience.

One thing that I tell many people that ask me for writing advice is to not be overly critical. Everyone makes mistakes. Do not hold your mistakes against you. Learn from them and move on. If not, you will find yourself getting stuck in a rut. Sorry about the pics of me not coming out well. That is what happens when you are sick and are a writer.


Need to Know Norse Knowledge

Rayne is at it again. She  created another workbook that offered DBug a great way to learn about Norse Mythology.She wanted to find a fun way to teach children about Norse culture and mythology. Yggdrasil and the None Worlds workbook was the perfect way to do it.  Her favorite story out of the book is the Three Brothers. I love that it offers her worksheets. With doing K12 for DBug, she gets to read stuff her father and I choose for her as extra readings. This teaches her about many aspects outside of the regular school curriculum offered here in NC. It offers her a chance to learn more about our faiths in a safe environment that is free from persecution.

Whether you are interested in the Norse Mythology, or you follow the Norse culture, this is a must have to add to your learning collection. I love it. She loves it, and we both look forward to seeing what kind of new books Rayne or Kyrja, Dbug’s two favorite authors have got cooking up next. That is the smile I got the day I told her she got the chance to review one of Rayne Storm’s book.



Remarkable Runic Writing Fun

I was offered the chance to review to Runic Script book by Rayne Storm. She writes various books that teach about different Pagan and Wiccan  children’s topics. One such topic is learning to write runic symbols.

Destiny has fallen in love with what Rayne Storm writes. She finds that she has a lot of fun with these learning workbooks. Our family is very open in teaching her about ALL faiths. We want her to feel as though she is not pressured to agree to believe in something that she does not want to believe in. We find various authors that she will be able to read their books.

One thing that she likes about Rayne’s book of Runic Script is that it offers her the chance to learn to write something that not everyone else will be able to write or even read. She says it is also a great way to send spy messages. She says the reason she feels that way is that she thinks that people would be able to hide secret messages in a very pretty writing and others would look at and not know what it means.

Raving over Rupert’s Tales: Learning Magick

I have found over the years that there are good ways and bad ways to introduce children to various different faiths. When I wanted to introduce my daughter, Destiny, to the Wiccan and Pagan based faiths, I found that there were not many good books that would offer lessons and also be a story that she would enjoy. That was when we discovered Rupert’s Tales: The Wheel of the Year. From there, every time there has been a new Rupert’s Tales book, Destiny has demanded to read it. She has told me how much she loves Rupert and Kyrja.

Learning Magick was another best hit, in Destiny’s opinion. She loves the stories, and I love that many of the stories teach about understanding and being willing to be open to the beliefs of others. Just because someone has a different belief or opinion does not mean that opinion is wrong. What is wrong is not willing to be accepting of differences. Even if you are not of the Wiccan or Pagan faiths, this is a great tool to teach children acceptance, love, and understanding.

In our home, we have always been Friends of Rupert. Feel free to check out the Friends of Rupert Facebook Page, and tell Kyrja that Theresa and Destiny sent you. Here are just a few of the pictures of Destiny showing off her new book. She loves the stories by Kyrja, and she enjoys seeing all of the new pictures that are masterfully drawn by Tonia Bennington Osborn.

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