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Customer Service Means Nothing to Wells Fargo

If you are looking for a worthwhile banking establishment, keep on going. Wells Fargo does not have the ability to offer the kind of customer service that the rest of the world expects.

I am letting you all know that I do have a life outside the blog. I work in the industrial and manufacturing field. Problem is that I have grown accustomed to dealing with little quirks involving Wells Fargo, which is my bank and the bank that handles the company I work for.

My husband and I have joint checking and savings accounts there, or should I be saying had. Last Friday, my husband went to deposit my money into the account. The lady behind the counter decided to place a three day verification hold on the money. I called the corporate number. They told me to call the store. I called the store they said that it was over an hour and I am out of luck there is nothing that they can do. It took about an hour to get someone to answer the phone at the local branch, so I could not get hold of someone there any sooner.

Yes, they do offer online banking, which is a plus. However, you also pay monthly fees for your account. You deal with drama like them not telling you until after you make a deposit that they decided they wanted to place a hold on it, which then makes it impossible for you to take it back and go elsewhere to cash it. You will also find that when you try to get help from them about an issue that they caused, you will get the run around and will deal with being let down by the bank that you hoped you could trust.

Go with any bank, but this one. Wells Fargo used to be great. They used to be the best. However, anymore they have fallen back far behind the rest.