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Loving my new lunch bowls

With winter being right around the corner (hey, I live in Michigan, winter is always right around the corner). A hot bowl of soup is the perfect work lunch, especially on a cold day. When I got the chance to try the six pack of ceramic lidded bowls from Sea Collection, I jumped for it. Of course, that was partially because I have always wanted a good soup bowl for work that was not plastic, and this was the perfect opportunity.

The bowls are microwave safe, they make sure you can get your hot stuff hot without the need to worry about melting the bowl (my personal reason for hating plastic soup bowls, I love hot soup, but do not like cleaning up hot soup messes from a melted plastic bowl).

My first day to work with these, I took homemade chili to work. I ended up having the wait for the person in front of me to finish cleaning up the mess she made from her Rubbermaid bowl melting in the microwave. She saw my bowl and asked how it worked, I told her we would find out together. My chili came out perfectly hot, and the best part is that the lid creates the perfect air tight seal when closed, you have to pop the tab on the lid, if you want to be able to even take the lid off of it.

These bowls are great for the home or office. They create a happier and cleaner lunch time.


K12 Michigan Virtual Charter Academy a great way to learn

Logo for Michigan Virtual Charter Academy

For many parents, traditional homeschool is not an option, because it does not offer advice on what to teach to what age groups. This is where the K12 program steps up and offers great advice, help, and public school curriculum from the comfort of the child’s home.

My daughter will be attending her second year with Michigan Virtual Charter Academy. She was able to hold amazing grades, since she has left the brick and mortar school learning environment.  Plus, instead of there being teachers that are getting the “I finally got it” look, mom and dad get to see that twinkle in her eye.

Our daughter has ADHD, bipolar, and sensory perception disorder. However, the K12 program and MVCA do not let that stop her from being the best that she can be. Traditional brick and mortar schools put kids like her on the back burner and do not focus on helping them to be or do better. Why not? Because usually, they are focusing on 30 or more kids at a time, especially in 4th grade on. As the children get older, the classes get larger.

Sorry schools I did not raise a robot. With MVCA and K12, my Dbug can be a top notch student, yet she can still be able to be a normal kid. She just learns a little bit differently from other kids. Mom and dad are there to help, but she gets to do the work and sees herself learning and getting better at doing things. The pride she has in her learning is something that makes me glad to make the choice to choose K12 last year in NC, and makes me even happier that we chose to continue it when we moved to MI back in January.

For those moms and dads that are thinking, “I can not afford the materials to teach my child from home”, that is another benefit to this program. You do not have to. You supply the child and the internet service. K12 supplies the materials, including a computer for lower income households.

Thank you, MVCA and K12, you have made me one proud mom and DBug one very happy kid with a thirst for knowledge.

Logo for Michigan Virtual Charter Academy

How-to Avoid Home Buying Nightmares!

When you buy a home, you find that there are a lot of issues that arise. In my case, it is a little more than a lot. We bought a fixer upper that to be honest, it would be better to level and rebuild. However, that is not an option. Here are a few things to make sure of when you buy your home.

  1. Get it in writing: If the old owner says that something is included in the purchase of the home, make sure that you get it documented along with their signature. This way if that item or items are gone when you go to move in, you can pursue legal actions against the previous owner.
  2. Have it inspected: If you are buying a home, there are a lot of considerations that need to be thought out prior to signing any agreements. There could be a lot of hidden issues that the old owner does not let you know about. This is why it is a good reason to have a home inspector come through the home prior to you buying it, especially if you are a first time homebuyer.
  3. Take pictures prior to purchase: By taking pictures, if anything that was there is missing, broken, or have other issues, you are covered. It will help in any future legal actions that may take place. It will also be a good way for you to price out the repairs that will be needed to know if the home is really worth what the owner wants you to pay for it. In the long run, even a cheap home can become very costly, if there are too many high dollar repairs that have to take place to make it livable.
  4. Background check the owner: This may sound crazy, but in the long run, it can save you a lot of headache and heartache. If you find that the person has multiple fraud charges, it is a good chance that you are not getting what you expect in the home you are buying. You may find that they have had insurance claims against the home for repairs that they have never taken care of, which may include structural or foundational issues.

These are just some warnings that can end up making a Home Buying adventure turn into a home buying nightmare. I should know, because that is what we are going through right now. While we did have in writing the items that were to come with the house, we chose not to get the house inspected. We also chose not to take pictures of the house prior to the purchase. We also did not background the owner. Had we done those, we may not have bought the home we have now. However, we got lucky, most of our nightmare is cosmetic stuff and structural with the floors needing to be leveled due to sagging throughout high traffic areas of the home. There is also some minor foundational issues to the home, as well. We later found out that the owner had been charged and convicted of multiple felony fraud charges dating as recent as two years before we bought the house.

So, save yourself the work and the headache that we are now going to face. Be more prepared when you enter the home buying market.


Cave Tools offers durability for the cooking Man

Does your hubby cook? If your hubby is like mine, he is a master chef in his own mind and in your kitchen. Problem is that the stainless cooking utensils never seem to make it into the drawer, because they do not want to hunt for them. I was offered the chance to try the Stainless steel 5 Hook Rack from Cave Tools. I fell in love with it instantly. So did my husband. While we are in the process of moving, and remodeling the new home, he has managed to keep all of his stainless steel cooking tools conveniently located near our gas stove.

I love the easy assembly. I was able to put it up with no help. My husband came home to find all of his cooking tools he loves on the wall next to our gas stove. He loves that he no longer has to search drawers to find them, anymore. I love that he actually takes the time to wash them, himself.

Cave Tools offers a lot of great products for the Man Cave, Woman Cave, or Cooking Cave. They also offer top quality at  a price that anyone can afford. I do not have the pictures of the product located here, at this time, because as I said, we are in the middle of a move and remodel. As soon as I get a chance to get the pictures put up, I will make sure to show you how absolutely awesome our Cave Tools Stainless Steel 5 Hook Rack is.

I plan on actually ordering a couple more of these, because of how versatile they are. My daughter does her school from home, so we have various signs to use for her school room to tell what is going on. We are planning on using one for holding that and her book bag for fieldtrips. I am also going to get a few of them for my husband to put in his work shed and one for keys and coats to be hung by the door.

For those who like to save money on awesome gifts. Here is a little code that gets you 15% off the purchase price. HOOKRACK15. All of my Amazon savvy shoppers, click here to get to their Amazon page. Trust me, you are going to love this hook rack as much as I do. Plus, it even includes a reversible screwdriver tool. Not only that, but it also offers free recipes. Now, that is one awesome deal.

Groovin’ in Gildan

When it comes to winter, a must have item is warm socks. Among those, you also want something that is comfortable and looks nice. Instead of paying for socks that fall apart, choose a company that makes good quality socks at affordable prices. Plus, you want to make sure that the company that you are supporting also supports the community.

Gildan meets all of those qualifications and many more. They make top quality, warm socks. Their socks can be plain or you can choose one of many pattern styles. Beyond that they are a company that cares.

Gildan has been helping the community through various outreach programs. Also, they are willing to immediately step up and fix issues that occur with products that people purchase from them. For example, if you find that your 10 pair of socks is missing a single sock, they will make sure that issue is taken care of. They will not make you have to take the product to a store or mail them the package back, they will fix it, because you as the customer have come to them to get it fixed.


A Round of Applause to the Hands of the Goddess

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When many people are complaining about who needs a handout, there is one special group offering those in need a hand up. The group was originally started in Pasco County, Florida. Well respected author of “Rupert’s Tales” and “Mi’s Search for Beauty“, Kyrja and her husband Randy, found a need in their local community to help out.

Hands of the Goddess offers a variety of services to those that are homeless or at-risk. They have monthly outreach programs where they offer food items that are either bought or donated locally. They offer toiletry items, clean socks, and a variety of other items. Some of the items that are issued during these event are shipped in from other states. They work with multiple agencies, individuals, and organizations to meet all needs of those that need a hand up.

Some of the things that they are known for doing is collecting shopping bags that would have otherwise been thrown away. They will then take those bags, cut them into strips and use the strips to crotchet mat that are not only able to soften sleeping areas, but also help to keep the user fry from the morning dew.

Hands of the Goddess may have started as a local group, but they have grown in number of supporters and branches. They are becoming a wildfire of care and compassion. Hands of the Goddess has already spread from Florida to Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana, and has a fifth branch in Bakersfield, California. For item donations, most go to the Florida branch then are further distributed from there to the other branches. However, you can choose to also locally donate, if you are in an area where one of the other branches are located.

If you would like to donate to help them with one of their many community projects, click here. To learn more about items that they need, please feel free to message Hands of the Goddess at You can also follow their efforts by checking out their Facebook page by clicking here.

In a world that has taken a turn for the dark side, it is good to see that there is a small group trying to relight the fires that burn in each of us. The fires, once lit, will burn brighter with each and every thing we do to continue to help our communities both locally and globally. While Hands of the Goddess- North Carolina has not officially been made known, it has slowly been building to become something great to help out the northern rural regions of NC.

Spine Tingling Suspense in “Remembering Lauren”

I recently got the chance to read the ebook of “Remembering Lauren” by Misha Jordan. I got the chance from this book to be able to revisit a place I have not been in a very long time. I am originally from Florida. In Florida, there were a lot of cold case murders that went unsolved.

I loved this book, because I was able to relate with Nikki, who is the main character. She moved from a busy city, because of bad events that had happened in her own life. She went to a small town, where she learns that creature comforts are not available, like public transportation and easy to find rentals. I found many of these same challenges when I moved from Florida to North Carolina.

One issue I did find with the book was that the first couple of chapters were a little bit drawn out. It is slow in the beginning, but it is because you are finding out more about both Lauren and what is the story behind why Nikki moved to Chiefland and why she is so interested in Lauren’s case.

In Florida, there are many junior detective groups that love to try to find ways to solve old cold cases. This story does include one of those groups. It shows that sometimes it takes more than just the local police department to get to the bottom of the case.

Once you make it through the first couple of chapters, the story does pickup and it does get very interesting with a few plot twists. So be sure to be paying attention or you may miss something in this spine tingling suspense.

Calling ALL Grammar Police

Yes, I am calling you out. If you are wanting to give a gift that will keep you from blowing your top with your friends. How about, a copy of “Perfect English Grammar” by Grant Barrett.

He offers a great idea of how to write the perfect paper. The thing is that they have to be willing to read it. The book offers information on proper spelling, abbreviation, and even the Oxford comma. Plus there are section on proper word usage  and parts of speech. This book offers a great learning tool to anyone that wants to do better with speaking or writing the English language.

The book even offers tips in how to write a better paper. One of the biggest tips offered is to use the same style or point of view throughout the entire paper. You do not want to start off writing the paper in third person and end writing it in first person. That will lose and confuse your audience.

One thing that I tell many people that ask me for writing advice is to not be overly critical. Everyone makes mistakes. Do not hold your mistakes against you. Learn from them and move on. If not, you will find yourself getting stuck in a rut. Sorry about the pics of me not coming out well. That is what happens when you are sick and are a writer.

Let Out Your Inner Grill Beast

When it comes to outdoor cooking, Review Lew loves it all. He was asked by Grill Beast to try out their products. We purchased most of them, but we had received the Beastometer and the Beastclaws. Here is a rundown on Review Lew’s opinions of the Grill Beast products.

BeastClaws: The BeastClaws offer a chance to make pulled pork or pulled chicken without having to use a knife and risk cutting yourself. They also double as a great back scratcher, if you have an itchy back and no one is around to help you with that. This item was received free in exchange for an unbiased and honest opinion.

Beast Injector: Review Lew uses the Beast Injector every time we use the smoker. He has found that by adding the butter sauce or other homemade marinades with it, meat comes out more tender and delicious with every bite. He also likes the fact that they are more durable, because of their sturdy, stainless steel design.

Beast Armor: When you are working with a hot grill, you want to make sure that you are going to be able to keep your hands from being burned by the hot grill or the hot food that is on the grill. Review Lew suggests any of the beast glove lines. The set he has covers heat up to over 662 degrees Fahrenheit. Now unless you are planning on cooking with a torch, I highly doubt that you are going to have a grill get that hot.  So, Review Lew says that these are an amazing set. He has had set number one for a very long time, and we just recently got set number 2 as a result of an issue that occurred with finger seams coming apart. We let Grill Beast support know, and they were on top of the issue immediately. We have him a perfect set now. He loves using them.

Beastometer. Now, when you are cooking the meat, you want to make sure that you get the meat cooked to healthy temperatures. Therefore, you are going to want  a good working and long lasting meat thermometer. In the case of Grill Beast, they have you covered there too. They have their Beastometer available. Review Lew says that you want to make sure that you get a new battery after the first year. He has used it for no less than two meals a day for about a year now. It finally just this afternoon had the battery on it die. We are currently in the process of getting a new battery for it. This item was received free in exchange for an unbiased and honest opinion.

Grill Beast Hat: What Grill Beast would want to be cooking without a way to keep the sun out of their eyes? If you thought that the sun being kept out of the eyes is a mandatory rule for Grill Beasts, you are right. Especially in the case of Review Lew. He hates the sun, but it is a necessary evil. He loves to play with his grill daily. Tonight, he made a succulent pork roast with covered hash browns, and all this deliciousness was cooked on his grill. The pork roast was served shredded with a garlic infusion. The potatoes were perfection. He was able to see what he was doing, because he had his Grill Beast hat to keep his hair and the sun from getting in his line of sight. This item was won as a part of a giveaway that the VIP program was offering.

Grill Beast offers customers a chance to become a part of their VIP program. This allows them to get the chance to have first access to new grill tools, supplies, and even the chance to get rebates that now other customers will get. They also have a Facebook group for the VIP members to communicate and share great tips and recipes with each other.


Here is to a long happy relationship between the Grill Beast company and my personal Grill Beast, Review Lew.

Light up my Life with Purple globe solar lights

Purple, which happens to be Dbug’s favorite color, is a great way to light up hallways or corridors at night. It keeps from the lights being too bright, yet offers enough light to see where exactly you are wanting to go. I found that by using solar lights, like these, I have drastically cut down on the amount of funds that I end up feeding to my electric company.

One issue we had was to find the right color to end up lighting up our hallway. As small as it is, we found that the normal white solar lights tended to make the hall too bright, which makes it hard to focus on where you are going at night time.  Then we tried the multicolored strands, they were better but the flashing and color changes got to be a bit to hectic for that small of an area. Then my daughter suggested the purple globes. They were an instant hit for everyone in the family. We used the multicolors as a great way to light up the outside, and we used the white for the bedrooms and bathroom. This allows us to save a bunch of money and enjoy a well lit home, in the right way.

If you want to use these outside, there is a stake that will help the solar panel to be able to stay stationary and collect as much sun as possible during the day. However, I do suggest that if you are using them indoors, please make sure that you start by ensure the base is near a window.

I received these lights free in exchange for an unbiased and honest opinion.