Loving my new lunch bowls

With winter being right around the corner (hey, I live in Michigan, winter is always right around the corner). A hot bowl of soup is the perfect work lunch, especially on a cold day. When I got the chance to try the six pack of ceramic lidded bowls from Sea Collection, I jumped for it. Of course, that was partially because I have always wanted a good soup bowl for work that was not plastic, and this was the perfect opportunity.

The bowls are microwave safe, they make sure you can get your hot stuff hot without the need to worry about melting the bowl (my personal reason for hating plastic soup bowls, I love hot soup, but do not like cleaning up hot soup messes from a melted plastic bowl).

My first day to work with these, I took homemade chili to work. I ended up having the wait for the person in front of me to finish cleaning up the mess she made from her Rubbermaid bowl melting in the microwave. She saw my bowl and asked how it worked, I told her we would find out together. My chili came out perfectly hot, and the best part is that the lid creates the perfect air tight seal when closed, you have to pop the tab on the lid, if you want to be able to even take the lid off of it.

These bowls are great for the home or office. They create a happier and cleaner lunch time.


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