K12 Michigan Virtual Charter Academy a great way to learn

Logo for Michigan Virtual Charter Academy

For many parents, traditional homeschool is not an option, because it does not offer advice on what to teach to what age groups. This is where the K12 program steps up and offers great advice, help, and public school curriculum from the comfort of the child’s home.

My daughter will be attending her second year with Michigan Virtual Charter Academy. She was able to hold amazing grades, since she has left the brick and mortar school learning environment.  Plus, instead of there being teachers that are getting the “I finally got it” look, mom and dad get to see that twinkle in her eye.

Our daughter has ADHD, bipolar, and sensory perception disorder. However, the K12 program and MVCA do not let that stop her from being the best that she can be. Traditional brick and mortar schools put kids like her on the back burner and do not focus on helping them to be or do better. Why not? Because usually, they are focusing on 30 or more kids at a time, especially in 4th grade on. As the children get older, the classes get larger.

Sorry schools I did not raise a robot. With MVCA and K12, my Dbug can be a top notch student, yet she can still be able to be a normal kid. She just learns a little bit differently from other kids. Mom and dad are there to help, but she gets to do the work and sees herself learning and getting better at doing things. The pride she has in her learning is something that makes me glad to make the choice to choose K12 last year in NC, and makes me even happier that we chose to continue it when we moved to MI back in January.

For those moms and dads that are thinking, “I can not afford the materials to teach my child from home”, that is another benefit to this program. You do not have to. You supply the child and the internet service. K12 supplies the materials, including a computer for lower income households.

Thank you, MVCA and K12, you have made me one proud mom and DBug one very happy kid with a thirst for knowledge.

Logo for Michigan Virtual Charter Academy


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