Cave Tools offers durability for the cooking Man

Does your hubby cook? If your hubby is like mine, he is a master chef in his own mind and in your kitchen. Problem is that the stainless cooking utensils never seem to make it into the drawer, because they do not want to hunt for them. I was offered the chance to try the Stainless steel 5 Hook Rack from Cave Tools. I fell in love with it instantly. So did my husband. While we are in the process of moving, and remodeling the new home, he has managed to keep all of his stainless steel cooking tools conveniently located near our gas stove.

I love the easy assembly. I was able to put it up with no help. My husband came home to find all of his cooking tools he loves on the wall next to our gas stove. He loves that he no longer has to search drawers to find them, anymore. I love that he actually takes the time to wash them, himself.

Cave Tools offers a lot of great products for the Man Cave, Woman Cave, or Cooking Cave. They also offer top quality at  a price that anyone can afford. I do not have the pictures of the product located here, at this time, because as I said, we are in the middle of a move and remodel. As soon as I get a chance to get the pictures put up, I will make sure to show you how absolutely awesome our Cave Tools Stainless Steel 5 Hook Rack is.

I plan on actually ordering a couple more of these, because of how versatile they are. My daughter does her school from home, so we have various signs to use for her school room to tell what is going on. We are planning on using one for holding that and her book bag for fieldtrips. I am also going to get a few of them for my husband to put in his work shed and one for keys and coats to be hung by the door.

For those who like to save money on awesome gifts. Here is a little code that gets you 15% off the purchase price. HOOKRACK15. All of my Amazon savvy shoppers, click here to get to their Amazon page. Trust me, you are going to love this hook rack as much as I do. Plus, it even includes a reversible screwdriver tool. Not only that, but it also offers free recipes. Now, that is one awesome deal.


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