Light up my Life with Purple globe solar lights

Purple, which happens to be Dbug’s favorite color, is a great way to light up hallways or corridors at night. It keeps from the lights being too bright, yet offers enough light to see where exactly you are wanting to go. I found that by using solar lights, like these, I have drastically cut down on the amount of funds that I end up feeding to my electric company.

One issue we had was to find the right color to end up lighting up our hallway. As small as it is, we found that the normal white solar lights tended to make the hall too bright, which makes it hard to focus on where you are going at night time.  Then we tried the multicolored strands, they were better but the flashing and color changes got to be a bit to hectic for that small of an area. Then my daughter suggested the purple globes. They were an instant hit for everyone in the family. We used the multicolors as a great way to light up the outside, and we used the white for the bedrooms and bathroom. This allows us to save a bunch of money and enjoy a well lit home, in the right way.

If you want to use these outside, there is a stake that will help the solar panel to be able to stay stationary and collect as much sun as possible during the day. However, I do suggest that if you are using them indoors, please make sure that you start by ensure the base is near a window.

I received these lights free in exchange for an unbiased and honest opinion.


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