Marching to my Own Beat

Personally, I have always marched to my own beat. Now, I can do it while listening to my favorite songs on my MP3 player. I have found a headset that looks good, and it makes the sound of my songs much better than it was with my previous headsets. The Charm and Magic in-ear headphones are a definite must have for any music lover.

I like the corded headsets, because it makes it harder to lose them. I hang mine over the top of my headboard, and I put them in when I go to start writing. When writing, I put in a disc for a genre that will keep me in the mood of the way I want my writing to go. If I am writing angry stuff, Metallica or Disturbed are my go to bands. For sad, usually I break out the country music. For everything else, I prefer Ace of Base or Nickelback, maybe even some Meatloaf.  So, with my music tastes I need something that can offer the sound quality, without distortion. A lot of headsets will not work great for every music genre. I am here to tell you that these definitely do that and more. It will make you feel like you are there watching your favorite band, instead of just listening.

The best part is that there is a built in microphone on this headset, so it can also be used for video conferencing and your cellphone. Instead of using your hand to hold the phone, you can leave the phone alone and still talk to the person you need to reach.

Received item free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.


5 thoughts on “Marching to my Own Beat

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